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LTAWEP 500 ml

Pro-Strength Long Term Anti-Wear Engine Protection $29

Nulon Pro-Strength Long Term Anti-Wear Engine Protection provides the most superior anti-friction protection available. Just one simple treatment protects moving engine components from metal on metal wear by providing a residual coating of PTFE around the engine. PTFE has one of the lowest coefficient friction properties available and provides enhanced friction and wear protection over that of engine oil alone. Suitable for all types of petrol engines, ages and conditions.

Reduces friction
Reduces wear
Provides superior cold start protection
Prolongs engine life
Promotes smoother engine performance
Suitable for all petrol engines and oil types




XPET 500 ml

Pro-Strength Extreme Performance Engine Treatment $23

Nulon Pro-Strength Extreme Performance Engine Treatment is a performance engine oil treatment designed to maximise power in street and modified engines by reducing the friction of contacting metal surfaces. The high tech Moly DTc formula actively creates a low friction sacrificial barrier immediately when metal on metal contact occurs and Moly DTc molecules within the engine oil treatment continuously replenish this high strength barrier as it depletes. The reduction of internal engine friction reduces metal wear and heat, promoting efficiency and maximising engine power.

Dramatically reduces the friction properties of any engine oil
Reduces internal metal on metal wear
Slows down the depletion of other anti-wear additives such as zinc
Provides superior cold start protection
Suitable for both petrol and diesel engine oils
Compatible with full synthetic, semi synthetic and mineral engine oils



PXOF 500 ml

Pro-Strength Extreme Oil Flush $18

Nulon Pro-Strength Extreme Oil Flush is a workshop grade cleaning additive, ideal for vehicles with contamination issues or those that have gone past their oil change interval. Its highly active formula provides extreme cleaning power to remove sludge and other harmful contaminants, yet the solvent free formula will not harm your engine or vital components.

Highly active detergents remove contaminant deposits from all engine surfaces
Safe to drive with Extreme Oil Flush in your engine
Suitable for all engines - Petrol, Diesel and LPG
Quickly and effectively dissolves varnish and sludge
Prevents contamination of fresh oil by removing residues left behind in a regular oil change
Frees sticking internal engine components by dissolving deposits
Quietens noisy hydraulic valve lifters by removing deposits
Suitable with all mineral, synthetic, monograde and multigrade oils and suitable for regular and low SAPS applications.
Safe to use for every oil change


RMSSL 500 ml

Pro-Strength Rear Main Seal Stop Leak $ 26

Nulon Pro-Strength Rear Main Seal Stop Leak is a concentrated formula designed to eliminate rear main oil leaks due to seal shrinkage, hardening and deterioration. Suitable for use in all petrol, LPG and diesel engines.

Use this product if your car has any of the following symptoms:

Loses or leaks oil, blows blue smoke at start-up, on take-off or when decelerating downhill.

Reduces rear main oil leaks fast
Revitalises hardened seals
Reduces oil consumption
Reduces exhaust smoke
Works on crank seals, cam seals and gaskets



HDDET 500 ml

Pro-Strength Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Treatment $23

Nulon Pro-Strength Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Treatment has been developed to increase performance and protect against engine wear and heat in diesel engines. 4X4, heavy haulage and long distance driving can place extreme stresses and loads on low revving and high torque diesel engines.

Nulon Pro-Strength Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Treatment with Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) significantly reduces friction, heat and wear, prolonging engine life and maximising performance. Designed to suit all turbo and non-turbo diesel engines.

Reduces fuel & oil consumption
Helps prolong engine life
Reduces friction & wear
Reduces maintenance costs
Reduces oil temperature
Suitable for vehicles fitted with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF)
Compatible with all engine oils
Includes anti-wear PTFE formula
Will not affect oil viscosity