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Brakeclean BRAKE400

Nulon Brakeclean is a professional strength product that safely removes brake fluid, grease, oil and other contaminants from all brake components.

Nulon Brakeclean has been specifically formulated to quickly and aggressively dissolve and dislodge all contaminants common to brake components. Even encrusted residue that has accumulated over a long period of use is readily dissolved and flushed away, leaving surfaces clean, dry and ready for further work.

Applications Brake linings Brake drums Springs Clutch plates Disc brake pads Wheel cylinders To help eliminate brake squeal To clean starter switches To clean electric motors To remove disc brake sealer
Note: If sprayed on car paint, wash off immediately. This product will cause paint streaking.
New Formulation Brakeclean is out now!!! It cleans more effectively, lasts longer and has 10% more ingredients.
To remove brake fluid, brake dust, grease, oil and other contaminants, spray parts liberally with Nulon Brakeclean and allow to run off. Allow to air dry or wipe off. Repeat application may be necessary. Protect rubber brake parts and painted surfaces from over-spray.

Throttle Body and Carby Cleaner CARB400 $9.99 pack of 7 $49

Nulon Throttle Body and Carby Cleaner is specifically formulated to quickly and easily remove gum, sludge, varnish, grease and dirt build-up from carburettors, throttle bodies, automatic chokes, PCV and EGR valves.

Benefits: Dissolves carburettor deposits inside and out Dissolves throttle body deposits in fuel injection systems Cleans PCV and EGR valves Cleans automatic chokes Ensures smoother, trouble-free performance Reduces poor exhaust emissions Professional strength

Ezi-Glide EZI330

Nulon Ezi-Glide clear silicone spray is the perfect lubricant to use in hundreds of different applications. Nulon Ezi-Glide is clear, water repellent, durable, super slippery and easy to use. Ezi-Glide can be safely used on all surfaces including metal, plastic, rubber, vinyl, fibreglass, fabrics, wood and paint. Ezi-Glide is non-staining, although we recommend testing as a precautionary measure.

Nulon Ezi-Glide does not react with most substances, so it can be used to form a barrier to protect surfaces from other damaging substances such as oil, paint and ink. Ezi-Glide is extremely effective in protecting against graffiti.

Automotive Uses:
Nulon Ezi-Glide is excellent for lubricating door, bonnet and boot hinges and catches, as well as electric sunroof mechanisms and seat runners. A simple spray allows car windows to slide up and down easily – without staining black window rubbers. It eliminates squeaks in car dashboards and door seals. It also protects and beautifies door seal rubbers.

Transport and Industrial Uses:
Ezi-Glide is perfect for assembling and lubricating O-rings. Use on plastic valves, filling lines and conveyors, pool filter controls, pins and bushes, plastic gears, plastic moulds, bearings and all types of industrial machinery. Use wherever a clear, water-repellent, non-staining lubricant is needed. Ezi-Glide has a temperature range from -73°C to 316°C. It can be safely used in the maintenance of all types of office equipment such as photocopiers, printers etc. as well as chair mechanisms and castors.

Household Uses:
Ezi-Glide is ideal for use on zippers, door locks, hinges, drawer runners, sewing machines and home appliances. Because it is clear and will not stain, it is a great lubricant for curtain tracks, vertical blind and venetian blind mechanisms. Use to lubricate sliding doors, garage doors, window channels, fishing reels and garden tools. Ezi-Glide repels water, oils, adhesives, inks and paints.

Benefits:Easy to use Water repellent Non-staining (though we recommend testing) Lubricates Protects against staining and graffiti Attracts less dust than conventional lubricants Wide temperature range

Nu-Lube NUL400

We wanted Nu-lube to be the best spray lubricant available, so that is why we included Zonyl®, an advanced PTFE fluorocarbon polymer. (PTFE is the slipperiest substance known to man). Nu-lube with Zonyl® is perfect for thousands of uses. You will be amazed at how well Nu-lube works - we guarantee it. In developing this product we searched far and wide to bring together the best technology and components in order to provide you (the consumer) with a product that will out-perform the myriad of other products in its class.

There are literally hundreds of competitive products in the market-place. Some are excellent in some applications, but perform poorly in others. Some are of little value at all - kerosene would work almost as well. Nulon Nu-lube with Zonyl® shines in all areas of performance. Compare it for yourself.

The words "multi-purpose" do not do this product justice. Its applications are only limited by the imagination of the user. The inclusion of Zonyl® ensures that Nulon provides optimum lubricating qualities. Light grade solvents with surfactants (wetting agents) ensure Nu-lube's penetrating abilities. Super-effective corrosion inhibitors provide maximum rust and corrosion protection. High-quality surfactants make it easy work for Nu-lube to displace water.

Nu-lube penetrates fast to help loosen rusted and corroded parts. It helps prevent equipment from seizing due to rust or heat. Nu-lube also frees up rusted nuts and bolts and exhaust parts such as exhaust manifold studs and nuts. Nu-lube penetrates and lubricates locks, power antennas, taps, pipe fittings, valves, tools and hinges. Use it anywhere a penetrating lubricant is needed. Nu-lube with Zonyl® helps things work like new again.

Nu-lube is ideal for lubricating wheels, castors, hinges, locks, latches, chains, bikes, in-line skates, workshop and garden tools, fishing rods and reels. Use Nu-lube anywhere a light and long-lasting film of lubricant is required. It makes assembly and disassembly of parts easier and stops annoying squeaks and squeals. A small amount of Nu-Lube goes a long way.

Water Dispersant:
Nu-lube helps start wet motors fast. It disperses moisture (water) from distributor caps and spark plug leads. Use Nu-lube with Zonyl® during servicing to seal out moisture with a micro-thin continuous film. It's ideal for all electrical and ignition systems, starter motors, spark plugs and switches. Use it after degreasing engines to protect electrical connectors from corrosion.

Rust Preventative (anti-corrosion):
Nu-lube prevents rust and corrosion by penetrating corrosion inhibitors into the pores of all metal surfaces. It is ideal for gardening equipment, sporting equipment and tools. Nu-lube protects all exposed iron and steel surfaces against rust. Nu-lube protects switches. Use it after degreasing engines to protect electrical connections from corrosion.

Nu-lube softens and helps clean away road tar and splattered bugs from paintwork. It dissolves and helps remove oil, grease, sticker adhesive, road grime and even permanent ink.

Builders spray Nu-lube on aluminium window frames and glass to stop cement splatter from sticking.

Start 'Ya' Bastard Instant Engine Starter SYB350

Nulon "Start Ya Bastard" (SYB) promotes easy starting of all diesel and petrol engines (both two-stroke and four-stroke). In searching for a name for this product, we could not get away from the three words most commonly used to describe a difficult-to-start engine –"Start Ya Bastard". We trust you will not be offended.

Nulon's SYB high potency, highly concentrated, highly flammable formulation is designed to instantly start difficult-to-start engines. Of course an engine has to be in sound condition and tuned correctly for it to start at all. However, there are many reasons why an engine can be difficult to start, such as –

Petrol Engines:Old or stale fuel Low battery condition Poor choke operation Cold ambient temperature
Insufficient engine cranking speed, particularly on manual start engines such as motor mowers, small motorcycles etc.
Engine has been sitting idle for a long time Frail people who are not strong enough to pull a start cord quickly enough Initial start after repair work
Diesel Engines:Cold ambient temperatures
Faulty glow plugs Old, stale, or out of season fuel
Low cylinder pressures Low battery
Initial start after repair work or bleeding fuel system
There is nothing more annoying than an engine that refuses to start. Nulon SYB should be kept on hand at all times in the glove box, in the workshop or in the home garage, the boat, or the tractor. One never knows when an engine will become stubborn and refuse, or be difficult to start. Nulon SYB will help preserve battery condition and it is totally harmless to engines. One short spray of Nulon is all that is necessary to start the most stubborn of engines.

Benefits:Starts all engines easily Easy to use Conserves batteries No mechanical knowledge necessary Saves inconvenience Avoids down-time of equipment Makes life easier for frail people who use small engines in their garden etc.

All diesel engines All four-stroke petrol engines All two-stroke petrol engines All hobby engines

Cooling System

Radiator Flush and Clean R40

Nulon Radiator Flush and Clean is a non-acidic radiator and cooling system cleaner that effectively cleans in one simple 20-minute operation. Many similar products have to be left in the cooling system for several days, which creates the risk of the user either forgetting or extending the drain and flush time for reasons of convenience. The results can be detrimental and cause expensive, long-term damage to the cooling system and associated components. Nulon R40 overcomes this potential risk as the whole cleaning process is completed in one simple operation.

Recommended Uses:

Use R40 before removing a radiator from a vehicle for reconditioning. Clean the entire system with R40 so when the radiator is reinstalled, the core will not be contaminated with scale and residue from the rest of the system.
Use R40 as a complete cooling system flush to remove insulating built-up sludge and residue before changing coolant in any cooling system. This procedure will ensure optimum heat transfer and efficiency of the entire cooling system.
Whenever draining a cooling system or changing brands of coolant it is always recommended to clean the system with R40.
Directions for Use:
Note: Exercise caution when removing radiator caps. Release pressure slowly to avoid scalding.

Turn on the heater and add required amount of R40 to a warm radiator.
Run the engine for 20 minutes minimum (no longer than 1 hour). Stop the engine and allow it to cool.
Drain the system by removing the bottom radiator hose or opening the drain cock. Thoroughly flush and rinse out all old coolant. Replace the hose or close the drain cock.
Add Nulon R45 Ultra Cool corrosion inhibitor and clean, soft or demineralised water, or
Where specified, use anti-freeze/anti-boil coolant (such as Nulon Long Life Anti-Freeze/Anti-Boil).
Start the engine, check for leaks and top up as necessary.
Application Rates:

All cars and light commercials – add 1 bottle
For trucks, tractors and large engines – add 1 bottle for every 6 litres (quarts) of cooling system capacity.
Never mix brands of radiator products and never under-treat with radiator products.

Ultra Cool R45

Nulon Ultra Cool is specially formulated to protect all components within cooling systems of modern vehicles. R45 protects aluminium, solder, copper, cast iron, brass, steel and rubber hoses.

Nulon R45 contains no glycol and as such is recommended for use in motor sport applications. Because R45 contains no glycol it is more thermally efficient. In other words, it transfers heat more efficiently than glycol based coolants.

The cooling systems of modern vehicles are subject to much harsher conditions than those of 20 years ago.

Modern cooling systems have smaller capacities because of reduced engine bay space.
Air conditioning places a high demand on cooling systems.
Aerodynamics necessitate smaller vehicle frontal area, consequently smaller radiators.
Reduced frontal area and the many modern, engine-driven accessories reduce under-bonnet area, which in turn restricts airflow.
Higher combustion temperatures resulting from leaner fuel mixtures and the advent of unleaded petrol place extra demands on cooling systems.
City traffic congestion creates long periods of idling, again placing heavy demands on cooling systems.
These demands require a modern approach to formulating products to protect cooling systems. Modern anti-freeze/anti-boil coolants contain anti-corrosion treatments but are normally only necessary when sub-zero temperatures are encountered. However, if a vehicle manufacturer particularly specifies the use of anti-freeze/anti-boil it is essential to use the specified product as some engines suffer from localised "hot spot" boiling.

Nulon Ultra Cool is suitable for use in the cooling systems of all vehicles that do not specify anti-freeze/anti-boil coolant. Nulon Ultra Cool meets AS/NZS 2108.1:1997 Type B.

Benefits: Protects against corrosion of all metals within cooling systems Neutralises harmful acids Assists in protecting against cavitation erosion Protects against electrolysis Extends the life of all cooling system components Exceeds the requirements of the Glassware Corrosion Test of the Australian Standards AS/NZ 2108.1:1997 Type B.

Radiator Stop Leak R50

Nulon Radiator Stop Leak is formulated to effectively seal leaks in radiator and heater cores, weeping cylinder head gaskets and to temporarily repair corroded welsh plugs.

Nulon R50 is formulated with a base of fibre and fine metallic particles. R50 will not soften or harm seals and hoses. It has no effect on metals, including aluminium, and is safe to use in all radiators. R50 is compatible with all corrosion inhibitor and all other anti-freeze/anti-boil products.

Note: If the cooling system is dirty or restricted, first clean with Nulon R40 Radiator Cleaner.
Directions for Use: Exercise caution when removing radiator caps. Release pressure slowly to avoid scalding.Start the engine and turn the heater on
Run the engine until normal operating temperature is achieved Shake the bottle and add R50 to the radiator Top up with water and replace radiator cap securely Run the engine for 15 minutes to allow R50 to circulate, then check for leaks
Application Rates:
Add 1 bottle for every 10 litres of water or part thereof. To protect cooling systems against corrosion and electrolysis use Nulon R45 Ultra Cool Concentrated Radiator Treatment or one of Nulon's Long Life Coolants.

Engine Treatments

Worn Engine Treatment E10

Nulon Worn Engine Treatment is especially formulated for use in all four-stroke petrol, *diesel, rotary and LP gas engines that display definite wear characteristics such as fuming, bearing or valve train noise, piston slap, piston wrist pin noise and poor performance due to general mechanical wear.

Nulon E10 contains PTFE and other performance additives to reduce friction, which in turn slows down the rate of wear within an engine. It is important to understand that the more worn an engine becomes, the faster the rate of wear.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), the primary ingredient in Nulon E10, is a solid material that exhibits the lowest co-efficient of friction known to science. Nulon E10 contains particles of PTFE that are minute in size and spheroid in shape. These tiny particles circulate with the engine oil and act as tiny plastic fluoropolymer ball bearings between the wear surfaces.

Benefits: Reduced wear Reduced exhaust emission Extended engine life Increased cylinder compressions Increased power Reduced fuel consumption Quieter, smoother engine
* In larger diesel engines it is more economical to use Nulon HP Diesel Engine Treatment (refer to Product Bulletin on HP – Diesel Engine Treatment).

Performance Engine Treatment E20
Nulon Performance Engine Treatment is specifically formulated for use in all four-stroke petrol (gasoline), rotary, *diesel and LP gas engines that are considered to be in good mechanical order. Nulon E20 is also recommended for use in all high-performance, competition and turbo-charged engines. Nulon E20 is a special blend of high-grade carrier oils, Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and other performance anti-friction, anti-wear and anti-corrosion additives.

When added to mineral or synthetic engine lubricating oils Nulon E20 cleans all friction surfaces, removing carbon, varnish and sludge deposits, dispersing them in the oil for entrapment by the oil filter.

Nulon E20 contains PTFE particles ranging from sub-micron in size up to several microns. The sub-micron particles, over a period of time, will impregnate the friction surfaces of the engine. The larger particles are circulated by the engine oil and provide an extremely low friction barrier between wear surfaces. To retain the impregnated residual coating of PTFE on all friction surfaces it is important to treat the engine with E20 at each oil change. While E20 provides the optimum engine protection, it is not as cost effective as Nulon E30 over a period of time; however, if an engine is operated under arduous conditions Nulon E20 cannot be surpassed in the level of protection it offers.

* In larger diesel engines it is more economical to use Nulon HP Diesel Engine Treatment (refer to Product Bulletin on HP – Diesel Engine Treatment).

Long Term Engine Treatment E30

Nulon Long Term Engine Treatment is the ultimate in long-term, low-cost engine protection and friction reduction for petrol engines. Nulon E30 contains ultra-fine particles of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which has the lowest co-efficient of friction known to science.

This unique formulation is blended with high-grade carrier oils and other proprietary performance additives. The end result is a product which, when used only once, will provide a residual low friction surface on all moving parts that will last up to 80,000 km (50,000 miles).

Q. How does it bond?
A. Friction and pressure generated under normal operating conditions are sufficient to mechanically bond the sub-micron particles of PTFE to all engine friction surfaces.

Nulon E30 is extremely cost efficient as most oil additives have to be added to the engine oil with each service, whereas Nulon E30 is a once off treatment every 80,000 kilometres (50,000 miles). Rigorous field-testing has proven the long-lasting residual protection of Nulon E30.

Note 1. The long-term residual benefits are only attainable in petrol (gasoline) powered engines.

Note 2. Nulon E30 is recommended for engines considered to be mechanically sound.


• Lasts up to 80,000 kilometres (50,000 miles).

• Reduces cold start-up damage as the PTFE coating provides adequate lubrication until oil pressure is attained.Extends engine life. Promotes a quieter, smoother engine. Improves fuel consumption. Reduces engine temperature. Is cost efficient.

Engine Oil Flush EOF
Nulon Engine Oil Flush is formulated to dissolve and dislodge harmful sludge, dirt, varnish and other contaminants that accumulate within an engine's lubrication system during normal operation.

Although modern engines are cleaner from an environmental aspect, all the pollutants of engine combustion previously released to the atmosphere are now recirculated within the engine. Consequently, lubricating oils have a much more difficult task in cleaning and suspending all of these additional contaminants.

When added to the crankcase oil prior to an oil and filter change, Nulon EOF greatly assists in ridding the engine of potentially damaging contaminants. Nulon EOF also frees sticky valves and hydraulic lifters. Thermal efficiency of the engine is also improved by ridding the engine of insulating sludge build-up. EOF provides a cleaner environment for fresh oil to operate, so the detergent dispersant and anti-oxidant additives in the new oil are not depleted as quickly.

Benefits: Cleans all lubricated components Reduces sludge, varnish and dirt contaminants Frees sticky valves and hydraulic lifters Improves overall engine efficiency Extends the service life of new oil Reduces the possibility of oil galleys being blocked, thus reducing the possibility of engine failure
Nulon EOF is extremely simple to use and improves the environment in which lubricating oil operates. EOF is suitable for use with all synthetic and mineral oils Suitable for petrol, gas and diesel engines
Safe to use in older engines Will not harm oil seals or gaskets

Lifter-Free and Tune-Up LFTU

Nulon Lifter-Free and Tune-Up is formulated to harmlessly dissolve and dislodge harmful varnish and carbon deposits that accumulate within and around hydraulic lifters and cam followers.

Hydraulic lifter noise can be caused by several different factors:

Mechanical damage to camshaft lobe and/or lifter Broken parts within the lifter e.g. relief valve spring Hard carbon particles blocking relief or delivery ports Sludge, wax or varnish deposits causing a sticky lifter Nulon Lifter-Free and Tune-Up can be used to remedy causes 3 & 4. Replacement of components is the only remedy for causes 1 & 2.

Nulon Lifter-Free & Tune-Up can be used as an inexpensive method of diagnosing the cause of lifter noise. Simply add a bottle of product to the engine oil. If the noise has not disappeared after 14 days or 500 km, it can be assumed that previous mechanical damage has caused the lifter noise, or the problem could be due to low oil pressure, or insufficient oil volume. If it is established that the oil supply and pressure are adequate, the lifters should then be removed, inspected and replaced accordingly. Inspection of the camshaft lobes should be carried out at the same time.

Lifter noise is often caused by poor maintenance, i.e. not changing oil at the correct intervals. As the oil oxidises and forms hard carbon deposits, particles of the carbon break away and are carried into the lifter, where they accumulate and restrict oil flow. Poor servicing also contributes to the formation of varnish, which reduces tolerances and causes the lifter to stick. While Lifter-Free & Tune-Up will resolve these problems, one should not ignore the damage that these deposits cause elsewhere in the engine. Care should be exercised in establishing suitable oil change intervals. At the same time it is good practice to always flush the engine prior to oil and filter change to help rid the system of sludge and carbon. Nulon's Engine Oil Flush is formulated specifically for this purpose.

The use of high viscosity engine oils will contribute to lifter noise as it reduces the flow of oil through the lifter and takes longer to pump up initially. Reduced flow means more opportunity for particles to settle in the lifter. High viscosity oils generally oxidise more readily and produce more carbon. This is because the thicker oil takes longer to drain away from the top of the cylinder head (the hottest lubricated part of the engine). Generally speaking, high viscosity engine oils take longer to drain to the sump for cooling and longer to circulate; hence they do not carry away heat as quickly. This contributes to accelerated oxidation and carbon and sludge formation.

Benefits: Quietens noisy hydraulic lifters / cam followers Removes sludge and soft carbon Cleans oil galleys in hydraulic lifters Frees-up sticky lifters Will not affect oil viscosity

Simple to use Suitable for petrol, gas and diesel engines Safe to use in older engines Will not harm oil seals or gaskets Can be safely left in the engine until the following oil change Safe to use in all types of engine oil

Engine Stop Leak ESL

Nulon Engine Stop Leak is a result of the most advanced technology available in the control of engine oil leaks due to the failure of oil seals, particularly those of the elastomer type. Most modern engines use this material as the basis of their "rear main" and "timing cover" seals. These seals are difficult to replace and in many instances require engine removal, or at least considerable labour costs, to install replacements. ESL also effectively promotes better sealing of valve stem seals. ESL is safe to use in all petrol, diesel and LPG engines.

With time and heat seals become hard and lose their flexibility. Proprietary additives in ESL react with the seal material to soften the seal so that it regains elasticity and is again able to perform its function of sealing.

Nulon ESL is unique in that it serves two distinct purposes. To our knowledge, no other product available controls "oil leaks" and "oil burning" as effectively as ESL. If an engine is worn enough for seals to be worn, hardened or leaking, chances are the piston rings are not functioning correctly, consequently allowing oil burning/consumption. Nulon ESL is unique in that it has the ability to restore the sealing function of piston rings. This reduces oil burning and exhaust smoke.

Nulon ESL can be used safely in all overhead cam and multi-valve engines. Unlike many stop-leak and stop-smoke products, Nulon ESL is not an oil thickener. It can be safely used in engines that require low-viscosity oils, e.g. SAE 5W-30.

Benefits: Reduced oil leaks Improved engine efficiency Reduced exhaust smoke Improved cylinder compression Reduced oil consumption Prolonged engine life
Nulon ESL can be used as an aid to diagnose the overall condition of an engine. Should an engine not respond to an ESL treatment it could be assumed that the engine will need major repairs, i.e. it is either in need of major overhaul or replacement of gaskets etc.
Nulon ESL is suitable for use in petrol, diesel and LP gas engines.

Note: Nulon ESL can also be used to reduce oil leaks in gearboxes (add 50ml per litre of oil).

Diesel Engine Treatment HP
Nulon Diesel Engine Treatment has been formulated to cater specifically to the demands of today's high-performance diesel-powered engines. Extended oil change intervals, heavier loads, turbo-chargers and higher sustained speed all place enormous strains on today's diesel engines. Modern lubricants have to work harder than ever before to maintain a lubricating film of oil between wearing parts.

When added to conventional lubricants on a regular basis Nulon HP will offer the highest degree of protection available for all forms of diesel-powered machinery. HP has been designed with the large fleet operator in mind. It is economical and easy to use. Some HP applications are:

Trucking Auxiliary power generators Farming Diesel-powered pumps Earthmoving Mining Marine
Nulon HP enhances the lubricating qualities of all motor oils and reduces metal-to-metal contact. It is fully compatible with all mineral based and synthetic brands. HP is suitable for use with any oil filter rated in excess of 5 microns. HP is a complex formulation based on sub-micron particles of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), high-grade carrier lubricants complemented by other anti-wear, anti-friction and anti-oxidant additives. This whole package, when added to conventional lubricants, ensures minimum wear and scuffing resulting from high speeds and loads. Nulon HP, because of its superior lubricating qualities, helps maintain the integrity of oils. Regular use will minimise wear metals present in the oil. HP offers lubricating protection up to temperatures far in excess of normal oils. This is particularly important in terms of protecting turbo-charged vehicles. Nulon HP has an operating temperature range of -15°C to 250°C. (The minimum operating temperature may vary outside Australia.)

Benefits:Increased power Reduced friction Reduced wear Reduced fuel consumption Reduced maintenance costs Corrosion protection Reduced oil temperature Increased cylinder pressures Increased engine life Reduced downtime

Stop Smoke SS500

Nulon Stop Smoke has been specifically formulated to reduce exhaust smoke caused by burning oil. The two most common causes of oil burning are worn piston rings and worn and hard valve stem seals. Both are associated with normal wear and tear over an extended period of time. With stricter controls on exhaust emissions being imposed recently, motor vehicle owners have to be particularly aware of visible smoke.

Nulon Stop Smoke is a state-of-the-art, sheer stable, long chain polymer which, when used according to the directions, increases the viscosity of the parent motor oil. The resultant increase in viscosity of the oil simply makes it more difficult for the oil to flow past the piston rings or the valve stem seals into the combustion chamber where, of course, it is burnt.

Nulon Stop Smoke is extremely sheer stable which means it does not lose its viscosity at elevated operating temperatures – a common symptom in worn engines.

Increasing the viscosity of the oil has the benefit of reducing undesirable engine noises so typical of worn engines, such as noisy timing chains, piston slap and gudgeon noise.

The special long chain polymer technology used in the formulation of Nulon Stop Smoke is long lasting, which means it lasts the life of good quality oil, unlike many competitive products.

Nulon Stop Smoke represents excellent value for money as it is probably the largest container on the market and for typical four cylinder engines half of one bottle is adequate treatment.

Nulon Stop Smoke is suitable for use in petrol, diesel and LP gas engines. The long chain polymer viscosity improving characteristics ensure an improved seal between pistons, rings and cylinder walls, which produces optimum cylinder pressures.

Benefits: Reduced exhaust smoke Reduced oil loss and burning Reduced fouling of spark plugs Boosts oil pressure Boosts cylinder compression Quietens engine noise
Note: Nulon Stop Smoke is formulated with the prime purpose of stopping exhaust smoke caused by burning oil.

Nulon E10 Worn Engine Treatment should be used to reduce wear and it is compatible with Nulon Stop Smoke.

Nulon Engine Stop Leak should be used where leaks are the prime concern. It is also compatible with Nulon Stop Smoke.

Fuel Treatments

Diesel Injector Cleaner

Nulon Diesel Injector Cleaner is the result of countless hours of research and development into the fuel requirements of diesel-powered engines, to deliver maximum performance, economy and efficiency. Operators consistently complain of exhaust smoke, poor starting, combustion noise and quality problems associated with fuel storage (particularly for extended periods of time).

It is well known that fuel quality varies dramatically for many reasons, including the source of crude from which the fuel is distilled and the time of the year (varying temperature conditions).

Benefits: Cleaner fuel systems Improves lubrication of fuel pumps Optimises injector efficiency and fuel atomisation Corrosion protection for the entire fuel system Fuel stability during storage Improved engine performance Improved fuel economy Reduced exhaust emissions
Reduced exhaust smoke Water separation
All of the above benefits assure optimum efficiency of the engine. Extensive testing has proven conclusively that Nulon DIC, used as directed on a regular basis, will afford sustained peak performance of all components associated with the fuel system. Downtime due to injector deposits etc. is minimised. Peak performance is maintained due to efficient combustion, which also ensures fuel economy is optimised. Extensive testing has shown fuel economy improvements in excess of 5%, making Nulon DIC cost effective from a fuel usage point of view. Further cost savings are attained by reduced maintenance costs and downtime.

In markets where fuels with higher sulphur content are prevalent Nulon DIC offers an additional benefit. Damage caused by acid producing sulphur deposits is minimised because more efficient combustion reduces sulphur deposits and oil contamination. Instead of the sulphur being allowed past the piston rings into the lubricating oil, it is exhausted or burnt thus reducing the acid forming deposits. Worldwide, sulphur is slowly but surely being removed from diesel fuel for environmental reasons. Some countries have already reduced sulphur levels to the point where fuel pump wear is becoming a problem. Sulphur is a very effective extreme pressure (E.P.) lubricant that has traditionally protected fuel pumps from wear.

Governments are pushing for diesel engines to comply with the Euro 3 emissions laws and for engines to be able to meet this requirement they have no option but to use extremely low sulphur fuels. Nulon DIC provides additional lubrication and sufficient pump protection, even in fuels with no sulphur.

LPG Valve Saver

Nulon Valve Saver is formulated specifically to perform two functions in LP gas engines:

Firstly, it protects against valve seat recession (commonly known as VSR) Secondly, it provides additional lubrication of top piston rings and valve seats.
Nulon LPG Valve Saver is the only product available in Australia that is totally dedicated to meeting the upper cylinder protection needs of LPG fuelled engines. Other products on the market are multi-purpose, for use in both petrol and LPG engines. The protection requirements are very different for both engine types, so how can one product perform adequately in both applications? The answer is simple – it can't.

Nulon LPG Valve Saver provides maximum protection for minimum cost. It is ready for use in existing under-bonnet lubricator kits. If the lubricator kit is adjusted correctly, 1 litre of Nulon LPG Valve Saver should last from 7,000 to 10,000km.

LP gas enters the combustion chamber as a completely dry fuel. As a result it burns very much hotter than does petrol, which enters the combustion chamber as air and fine droplets of petrol. The petrol droplets provide a cooling effect. The increased operating temperature in the upper cylinder area of an LP gas engine is extremely harsh on valves, valve seats, valve guides and top piston rings.

Nulon LPG Valve Saver utilises the world's most up-to-date technology to protect against valve seat recession. The components used in Nulon LPG Valve Saver have been tested against Australian Standard AS4430.2-1999 and in that test proved to provide complete valve seat recession protection, which is the biggest concern in engines operating on LPG.

Nulon LPG Valve Saver is classified as non-hazardous, has no adverse effect on exhaust emissions, oxygen sensors and catalysts.

Benefits: Reduces valve seat burning and wear Helps lubricate piston rings Prevents valve seat recession (VSR) Helps to clean upper cylinder deposits Provides better valve sealing Helps dissipate high temperature from exhaust valves Cost effective Tested and proven
Reduces the likelihood of costly cylinder head repairs Will not harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors No adverse effect on exhaust emissions

Lead Substitute LS500
Nulon Lead Substitute makes unleaded petrol (ULP) safe for use in all vehicles that were designed to operate on leaded petrol (pre 1986). LS uses the latest and safest technology to provide unsurpassed valve and valve seat protection. Nulon LS can also be used in unleaded vehicles where additional upper cylinder lubrication is required. LS is safe to use in all brands of ULP and PULP. In engines with cast iron cylinder heads for an indefinite period of time to avoid costly cylinder head modifications. Nulon Lead Substitute has been tested to, and passed, the stringent and demanding requirements of Australian Standard AS4430.1-1996 "Engines designed for leaded petrol to operate on unleaded petrol". Nulon LS also provides upper cylinder lubrication.

There are numerous products on the market that claim to provide protection that will allow engines designed to run on leaded petrol, to run on unleaded petrol. The above Australian Standard is to protect consumers. So, beware of any similar product that has not been tested to, and passed the requirements of the standard.

As we all know, lead has been removed from our petrol. For an interim period Lead Replacement Petrol (LRP) will be available. LRP is simply Premium Unleaded Petrol (PULP) to which a chemical additive is added. The purpose of the additive is to provide valve seat protection. There are two major issues to consider when evaluating LRP:

1) Does LRP provide adequate protection?
Different refineries use different "Anti-Valve Seat Recession" (AVSR) additive technology. They all provide valve seat protection for engines operating under normal, or light load. However, if an engine is operated under severe conditions (such as heavy load, or high RPM), the level of protection is inadequate and therefore additional additive is required. This poses another problem in that one should not mix different additives in their petrol, but of course they have no way of knowing what the refinery has used.

2) How long will LRP be available?
Government is keen to see the older cars disappear off our roads as they are not fitted with effective pollution controls. Oil companies want LRP withdrawn from the market, if for no other reason, to free-up underground storage tanks at the service station sites so that more sites can carry PULP. LRP will be gone soon.

Nulon LS is not expensive, has been tested and proven to protect valves and valve seats, and more importantly, will be around for a long time to come. Nulon LS puts the consumer in control of what goes into the fuel system of their beloved old car.

Benefits: Reduces exhaust valve burning Reduces valve seat recession Lubricates hot valve seats Helps to clean upper cylinder deposits Provides better valve sealing Reduces the likelihood of costly upper cylinder repairs 1ml treats 1 litre (cost effective)
Reduces combustion chamber deposits Will not harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensor
Test Result Opel Kadet Valve Seat Recession Test Completely halted valve seat recession M102E Intake Valve Deposit Test Minimal deposit formation Peugeot 205 Gti Injector Cleanliness Test No adverse effect Catalyst Durability Test Within legislation limits 28 Car Field Test Lower inlet valve depositsLower combustion chamber deposits
Turbine Blade Cleanliness Test No adverse effect on turbine deposits, or turbo-charger function

Note: Most pre 1986 vehicles were designed to run on leaded petrol with an octane rating of 97 RON. Such vehicles will need to use PULP with Nulon LS. Low compression engines may well be able to use normal unleaded petrol plus Nulon LS (if the engine pings with unleaded, switch to PULP).

Octane Boost and Clean OBC

Nulon Octane Boost and Clean is unique in that it performs many functions. To the best of our knowledge it has no equal. OBC is specifically formulated to address the many fuel-related problems experienced with modern motor vehicles, particularly those operating on unleaded petrol (gasoline). Its primary purpose is to increase the octane rating of normal unleaded petrol (typically 91 RON) to stop pinging (detonation) while its detergent additive cleans combustion chamber, inlet valve, carburettor and injection deposits. The results are long lasting.

Australia is unique in that it offers only two grades of unleaded fuel. The most common is 91 RON. The second, at a much higher price, is premium unleaded which has a higher RON of 95-98. The difference in price between the two grades is substantial. Most Western countries offer three and even four grades to cater for the requirements of various vehicles, with a cost differential between the various grades that is small when compared to Australia.

Nulon researched the fuel requirements of vehicles for three years prior to formulating its Octane Boost and Clean product. In formulating OBC the key issues of concern were:

Cost effectiveness for the consumer
An immediate, noticeable improvement for the consumer
Environmental acceptance
No detriment to fuel systems or engines
Nulon OBC performs three primary functions:

It raises the octane level of petrol to instantly control engine pinging (detonation).
It cleans carbon deposits from combustion chambers, injectors, inlet valves and inlet manifolds, all of which are common problems that reduce engine efficiency. In many instances combustion chamber deposits are the cause of pinging. Once the deposits are cleaned away by OBC the pinging will disappear until the deposits form again. Hence our claim, "one treatment lasts for up to four tanks of fuel".
It protects engines against valve seat recession (VSR). Leaded petrol is fast disappearing and many older engines relied on the lead to prevent this problem. Lead Replacement Petrol (LRP) has additives to protect against VSR, but many engines run very poorly on this fuel and soot up combustion chambers, spark plugs and exhaust systems.
Nulon OBC used with Premium Unleaded Petrol (PULP) will overcome this problem and protect against VSR. The US EPA approves all detergent components used in this product. Moreover, the detergent package used in OBC meets the strict requirements of CARB (California Air Resources Board).

Benefits: Stops pinging (detonation) Stops or reduces engine run-on Boosts engine performance Cleans injector and carburettor deposits Improves exhaust emissions
Contains upper cylinder lube Safe for catalytic converters and oxygen sensors Safe for unleaded and leaded fuel Protects against valve seat recession

Petrol Injector Cleaner PIC

Nulon Petrol Injector Cleaner is the result of extensive research into the fuel requirements of modern petrol-powered engines, particularly those operating on low-lead or lead-free fuels. The advent of these fuels is due to worldwide concern about the effect of leaded fuels on the environment.

Lead-free fuel was first introduced in the USA and it was found that, although this fuel was kind to the environment, it was unkind to engines and many problems quickly became evident. Similar problems have become evident in Europe. Lead-free fuel does not burn as cleanly within the engine and builds up carbon deposits within the combustion chamber leading to increased compression ratios causing problems associated with the use of low-octane fuels. The motorist suffers from poor running and poor fuel economy. Carbon deposits also build up on fuel injectors and inlet valves causing poor atomisation of the fuel, again leading to starting problems, poor running and expense to the motorist.

Major oil companies and chemical companies associated with the industry were forced to produce detergent type additives for lead-free fuels to minimise the above-mentioned problems. These products are now added to our fuels but, unfortunately, at a minimum level because of the additional cost, and because the oil companies have been able to create lucrative after-market sales of such additives by carefully minimising the amount added to the petrol we buy at the pump. They then advertise the requirement to use such additives to ensure trouble-free engine operation. Although many such additives are available on the market, Nulon has taken the time to evaluate both engine and consumer requirements carefully and believes it is offering the maximum protection level at a minimal cost to the consumer.

Benefits: Clean up of fuel injection systems Reduction of carburettor deposits Reduction of engine sludge deposits Removes intake valve and port deposits Maintains efficient operation Maintains fuel economy Reduces environmentally dangerous emissions
Cost effective compared to other similar products Extensive research and testing have proven Nulon Petrol Injector Cleaner to be possibly the most cost efficient product available to combat all the above-mentioned problems. When used according to directions, Nulon Petrol Injector Cleaner will ensure optimum efficiency at minimal expense.

Pro Strength Octane Booster PSO $22.95 buy 6 $21.99


Nulon Pro Strength Octane Booster is specifically formulated to increase the octane rating of petrol used in high performance and competition engines. High performance, high compression engines require fuel with a higher octane than normal passenger cars. Using a fuel that does not have a sufficiently high octane rating causes the engine to detonate (ping), which in turn can cause severe engine damage.

Every engine has a minimum octane requirement (OR) that depends upon engine design and, in particular, compression ratio. The higher the compression ratio, the higher the OR. If the petrol used does not have a sufficiently high Research Octane Number (RON) to cater for the engine's OR then detonation occurs. Detonation is the term used to describe the chemical breakdown of the fuel/air mixture, which results in premature self-combustion during the compression stroke of the engine, i.e. the mixture explodes prior to ignition by the spark plug. Under these circumstances the force of the explosion is opposing the direction of piston travel resulting in enormous loads. If detonation is allowed to continue, engine failure can occur. Nulon PSO substantially increases the RON of petrol, thus reducing the likelihood of detonation. Nulon PSO is compatible with all leaded and unleaded fuels including race fuel and Avgas.

It should be noted that the lower the RON of the base fuel, the greater the increase after the treatment. Conversely, high RON base fuel yields a much lower increase after treatment. This phenomenon applies to all octane enhancers.

Many high performance modern engines are fitted with "knock sensors". These sensors recognise the moment detonation commences and retard the ignition timing to stop further damaging detonation. However, while retarding the ignition timing protects the engine from damage, it robs the engine of performance and efficiency. Adding Nulon PSO at the correct ratio stops this whole cycle and promotes maximum performance and efficiency without risk of damage.

Many cars imported into Australia have to constantly operate on premium unleaded petrol (PULP) of 95 RON or higher. In remote areas of Australia, PULP is unavailable. Nulon PSO effectively converts regular unleaded fuel to PULP when treated according to the directions.

Strict testing of Nulon PSO ensures that no component contained in this product will have a detrimental effect on any engine or fuel system part. All components have been tested for millions of kilometres.

Benefits: Boosts RON by up to 7 numbers Stops engine detonation (pinging) Maximises horsepower potential Reduces overheating and piston damage Safe for catalytic converters and oxygen sensors Components are US EPA approved Protects against valve seat recession Indicative RON increases:
91.5 Unleaded +PSO=96.5 (5.0 RON increase)
95 PULP +PSO=98.1 (3.1 RON increase)
98 PULP +PSO=100.1 (2.1 RON increase)
96 LRP +PSO=98.5 (2.5 RON increase)
(When used at maximum recommended treat rate.)


Total Fuel System Cleaner TFSC $18.99

This bulletin relates to Nulon's new and improved Total Fuel System Cleaner. It contains the world's leading technology in its fuel system cleaning performance. It cleans the entire fuel system in just one tank of fuel. This product is so advanced and performs so well that it carries a number of OEM approvals for the clean-up of combustion chamber deposits. TFSC is suitable for use in the fuel systems of all petrol, and light duty diesel engines

Fuel formulation and engine fuel systems are constantly changing in order to meet environmental legislation. These changes do not happen without their share of associated problems, such as:Contaminated fuel injectors Carburettor deposits
Inlet valve deposits Combustion chamber deposits and "running-on" Sticking valves Increased fuel consumption Increased petrol octane requirement Increased black smoke from diesel engines
These problems are common, but most motorists are not aware of the severity of the problem as they manifest slowly. Lead-free fuel does not burn as cleanly, or completely as one would hope. Consequently, carbon deposits build-up on all of the components of the induction system. Motorists are first aware of a problem when it becomes severe, such as difficult starting, flat spots, sticking valves, running-on etc. Motorists also suffer increased fuel consumption and loss of efficiency whilst the problem is developing.

Chemical companies associated with the refinery industry were forced to produce detergent additives for lead free fuels to minimise the above-mentioned problems. These products are now added to our fuels but, unfortunately, at a minimum level because of the additional cost and the fact that there is no legislation in Australia (as there is in the USA) to force them to use such additives at a certain level. Although many such additives are available on the market, Nulon has taken the time to evaluate both engine and consumer requirements carefully and believes it is offering the maximum protection level at a minimal cost to the consumer.

Benefits:Approved by OEM car manufacturers Easier starting Cleans inlet valve deposits Cleans inlet manifold deposits Cleans combustion chamber deposits Cleans injectors Helps stop engine pinging (detonation) Helps restore smooth, efficient running
Reduces black smoke from diesel engines Note: The above benefits will be noticed after consuming one tank-full of treated fuel.

Speciality Products

Auto Transmission Treatment G60

Nulon Auto Transmission Treatment is formulated specifically for use in automatic transmissions. Nulon G60 contains ultra-fine particles of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). These PTFE particles provide improved lubrication, reduced heat and wear. G60 does not adversely affect clutch or band operation. When towing or carrying heavy loads, Nulon G60 can be used to provide additional extreme pressure lubrication, reduced heat and oil oxidisation.

Nulon G60 also contains a proportion of a highly effective seal swell additive which helps significantly reduce oil leaks. The base carrier fluid used in the formulation of G60 is compatible with all types of automatic transmission fluids.

Benefits: Smoother gear changes Reduced noise Improved valve operations Reduced oil leaks Extended transmission life
Many people believe that because an automatic transmission functions automatically, it will look after itself automatically as well. Automatic transmissions tend to be the most neglected major component of a vehicle. A little preventative maintenance goes a long way to extending the life of an automatic transmission.

Power Steering Stop Leak and Conditioner G65
Nulon Power Steering Stop Leak and Conditioner with PTFE has been formulated to:

Protect power steering systems against wear, and Overcome power steering problems that develop with use, such as leaks etc.
Generally speaking, power steering systems are very much neglected and receive virtually no maintenance other than to check the fluid level occasionally. Most people are not aware that a power steering system has a simple filter located in the fluid reservoir that needscleaning from time to time. A typical system contains a very small volume of automatic transmission fluid as its lubricant fluid. This fluid is subjected to quite harsh conditions, particularly heat and contamination.

As preventative maintenance Nulon G65 will improve the lubricating qualities of the fluid and will keep seals soft and supple to help prevent leaks developing.

Many vehicles suffer from pump noise and others suffer from a vibration that feeds back to the steering wheel. These problems are often present in new vehicles. In many instances G65 will eliminate these annoying symptoms.

A number of early model V8 cars fitted with power steering boxes suffered premature leaks. This was due to a design fault as the box was located very close to the exhaust manifold. The heat from the exhaust prematurely hardened the seal, which in turn would leak. To replace the seal is a very expensive exercise and, of course, the new seal is going to be subjected to the same harsh conditions. Nulon G65 will, in most cases, either eliminate the leak, or at least reduce it to an acceptable level.

Benefits: Reduces oil leaks from seals Promotes quieter, smoother operation Protects seals from heat damage Reduces wear Reduces pump vibration feedback to the steering wheel Extends component life Improves lubricity of power steering fluid


100% Synthetic Multi Vehicle Power Steering Fluid

Nulon's Multi Vehicle Power Steering Fluid (PSFMV) is a 100% synthetic based power steering fluid that has been specially formulated to suit most power steering systems of Australian, Japanese, American and European vehicles.

Nulon Multi Vehicle Power Steering Fluid contains superior anti-wear protection whilst also providing excellent detergency. Nulon Multi Vehicle Power Steering Fluid is the simple choice for power steering systems of the vast majority of vehicles.

Nulon Multi Vehicle Power Steering Fluid is safe to use in conventional power steering systems that call for automatic transmission fluid (red). It is the choice to replace specialised power steering fluids such as Audi/VW Power Steering Fluid (green), Honda Power Steering Fluid V or S, and many more. PSFMV is not a substitute for Pentosin CHF 11S.

Power steering systems are generally very reliable and failures are rare, so preventative maintenance is often neglected. Manufacturers rarely mention power steering maintenance in their service schedules. A little preventative maintenance goes a long way to ensuring trouble free operation and long service life. Inspections should be carried out at each service. Fluid level should be checked and the fluid should also be checked for cleanliness. If the fluid is dirty it should be changed, as dirt and sludge are major threats to smooth operation. Also, drive belts should be checked for condition and correct tension. Pulleys, mounting brackets and hoses should be checked for condition as well.

Power steering systems typically contain only a small volume of lubricating fluid, and that fluid is subjected to quite harsh conditions, particularly heat, moisture and contamination. Periodically removing old, dirty and degraded power steering fluid and replenishing it with Nulon Multi Vehicle Power Steering Fluid will significantly extend the life of the entire power steering system.


100% synthetic formulation Suitable for most power steering systems Excellent anti-wear protection Reduces steering vibration and shudder Enhanced smoother and quieter performance Extends power steering system durability Enhances corrosion and rust protection Effectively foam controls and oxidation Reduces sludge and varnish deposits Excellent seal compatibility to prevent fluid leakageReplaces many specialised fluids Clear coloured liquid to mix with existing fluid when used as a top-up

Use where the following specifications are required,
¦GM 9985010, 9985835
¦Chrysler MS-1872, MS-5931F
¦Ford M2C195-A
¦Acura/Honda PN 08206-9002 PE type S or V
¦Audi/VW PN G002000 (VW TL 521 46)
¦Mercedes Benz PN 00 989 8803 (MB 236.3)
¦Saab PN 30 09 800 (PSF 4634)
¦Subaru PN K0Z09A0080
It is not recommended for Ford power steering systems that require Ford M2C - 134D fluid, refer to Nulon SYN75W85 for this application. Not suitable for Citroen vehicles which require mineral LHM fluid. Not substitute for Pentosin CHF 11S

Nulon's Power Steering Fluid (PSF)

is a mineral based fluid that has been formulated to suit all power steering systems that require a Dexron® fluid. Nulon PSF contains enhanced anti-corrosion and anti wear additives to ensure optimum protection. It is an excellent everyday choice for Australian conditions.

Power steering systems are generally very reliable and failures are rare, so preventative maintenance is often neglected. Manufacturers rarely mention power steering maintenance in their service schedules. A little preventative maintenance goes a long way to ensuring trouble free operation and long service life. Inspections should be carried out at each service. Fluid level should be checked and the fluid should also be checked for cleanliness. If the fluid is dirty it should be changed, as dirt and sludge are major threats to smooth operation. Also, drive belts should be checked for condition and correct tension. Pulleys, mounting brackets and hoses should be checked for condition as well.

Power steering systems typically contain only a small volume of lubricating fluid, and that fluid is subjected to quite harsh conditions, particularly heat, moisture and contamination. Periodically removing old, dirty and degraded power steering fluid and replenishing it with Nulon Power Steering Fluid will significantly extend the life of the entire power steering system.

Benefits: Suitable for most power steering systems Use as a complete fill or top-up Helps eliminate power steering shudder Excellent anti-corrosion protection Additional anti-wear protectionMaintains power steering system's durability and integrity Enhanced cleaning properties Excellent seal compatibility and foam control

Directions for Use:
With engine off, fill power steering reservoir to specified level. Follow directions given in owner's manual for adding fluid. Do not overfill. After using this product, always wash exposed skin thoroughly with soap and water.

Nulon Power Steering Fluid is not recommended for power steering systems where specialized fluids are required such as Pentosin CHF 11S, SAAB, Audi/VW G 002 000, Mercedes Benz 345.0, Honda PSF Type II, V, S

Use Nulon PSF where the following specifications are called for, Dexron® II/III Ford Mercon ZF TE-ML 05LZF TE-ML 09 ZF TE-ML 14A
Volvo 97335 Denison Caterpillar TO-2 Type A Suffix A (TASA) Ford M2C 138CJ

500ml (16.91 US fl oz) bottles Part No: PSF500

1L(33.81 US fl oz) bottles Part No: PSF-1

Nulon Power Steering Fluid & Stop Leak (PSFSL)

has been formulated to stop, or minimize fluid leaks and maintain optimum performance of power steering systems. Nulon Power Steering Fluid & Stop Leak contains extremely effective seal swell additives that rejuvenate hardened or shrunken seals. One treatment stops most leaks.

Power steering systems are generally very reliable and failures are rare, so preventative maintenance is often neglected. Manufacturers rarely mention power steering maintenance in their service schedules. A little preventative maintenance goes a long way to ensuring trouble free operation. Inspections should be carried out at each service. Fluid level should be checked and the fluid should also be checked for cleanliness. If the fluid is dirty it should be changed, as dirt and sludge are major threats to smooth operation. Also, drive belts should be checked for condition and correct tension. Pulleys, mounting brackets and hoses should be checked for condition as well.

Power steering systems typically contain only a small volume of lubricating fluid, and that fluid is subjected to quite harsh conditions, particularly heat, moisture and contamination. Removing old, dirty and degraded power steering fluid and replacing it can extend the life of the entire power steering system. As preventative maintenance Nulon PSFSL with its additional cleaning detergents maintains the durability and integrity of the power steering unit.

Whenever a leak is detected, top-up the system with Nulon Power Steering Fluid & Stop Leak. If the leak persists after a week or two's driving, the problem should be referred to a competent mechanic.

Benefits: Stops or reduces most power steering leaks Contains seal swell additives to rejuvenate hardened, or shrunken seals that cause leaks. Suitable for most power steering systems excellent anti-corrosion protection Additional anti-wear protection
Enhanced cleaning properties Maintains durability and integrity of the system good seal compatibility and foam control

Manual Gearbox and Diff Treatment G70
Nulon Manual Gearbox and Diff Treatment with PTFE offers maximum lubrication and anti-wear protection to the gear and bearing surfaces of all types of gears (helical, spur and worm drive). Nulon G70 combines a balanced blend of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) with other extreme pressure and anti-corrosion compounds. Nulon G70 is suitable for use with all synchromesh rings and limited slip differentials.

The PTFE particles in Nulon G70 range from .4 to 40 microns. The smaller particles, when subjected to pressure and temperature, impregnate the friction surfaces thus reducing friction and offering residual lubrication and corrosion resistance even during lay-up periods. The larger PTFE particles circulate with the normal gear lubricant and create a cushion between gear surfaces, dramatically reducing gear pitting. This cushioning effect is important in that it reduces noise caused by minor irregularities of mating surfaces which are responsible for the very common "period noise" experienced in differentials.

Many modern gearboxes suffer from poor gear shifting when the gearbox is cold. As a result a number of manufacturers are recommending a lighter grade of oil, and in some cases automatic transmission fluid. These lighter grade oils provide superior gear changing at the expense of reduced life of gears and bearings, because the lower viscosity oil does not have the degree of EP (extreme pressure) protection. Nulon G70, due to its EP characteristics, will greatly improve protection as well as dramatically improve gear changes.

Note: G70 is suitable for all gearboxes including passenger cars, trucks and industrial gearboxes.

G70 is also compatible with, and suitable for use with, automatic transmission fluid and engine oils, where they are the manufacturer's recommended lubricant for manual gearboxes.

Benefits: Reduced friction and wear Smoother gear changes Quieter operation Extended component life Reduced oil leaks Improved extreme pressure protection Residual lubrication during lay-up periods Corrosion protection Reduced operating temperature Reduced energy consumption in industrial gearboxes

Extreme Performance Grease L80

The Extreme Performance Grease to use where others fail. L80 is a blend of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) fluorocarbon particles in a specially prepared lithium-based, water-repellent grease. L80 can be used in almost any greasing application to improve lubrication and reduce temperature and wear.

Benefits and Properties:
L80 keeps water and dust out while a plating of PTFE is applied to the mating surfaces under working conditions. Seal performance is improved and operating temperature reduced, resulting in less grease "throw". L80 is applicable to the majority of situations specifying grease lubrication, especially in high pressure, water and salt-water conditions including wire ropes.

L80 has a continuous temperature operating range of -9°C to 150°C.

L80 provides a residual lubrication, which is added insurance, combined with savings through less wear and downtime, making it an economical benefit. Smoother running, increased efficiency and prolonged machinery life, less labour and less volume of lubricant, all indicate higher profits. Where L80 has been used on a continuous basis, seizing and pitting will not occur on the friction surfaces.

The list below is only indicative of the applications of L80 grease.
Vehicles Marine Equipment Miscellaneous Universal joints Sump and bilge pumps Cables Wheel bearings Deck winches Bearings Leaf springs Trawl ropes Bushings King pins Boat trailer bearings Guides Chassis Outboard fittings Cams Tow balls Stern tube bearings Valves Water pumps Propeller shafts Slides Turntables Anchor winches Pumps Clutch release bearings Rudderpost bearings Mining equipment Ball joints Conveyors
Farm machinery Production equip.

450 gm tub (20 per shipper) * Part No. L80-T
450 gm cartridge (24 per shipper) * Part No. L80-C
2.5 kg tin (6 per shipper) * Part No. L80-2.5
20 kg drum (single unit) * Part No. L80-20
180 kg drum

Typical Properties:

Tests ASTM Nulon L80 NLGI N° 2 Soap Type Lithium 12 Hydroxystearate Colour Dark red Texture Smooth, buttery Penetration @ 25°C D217 Unworked D217 290 Worked, 60 strokes D217 275 Worked, 10,000
strokes D217 292 Change % D217 1.06 Dropping Point °C D2265 190 Roll stability D1831 Penetration change % +12
Leakage, wheel bearing D1263 65g packed, 163°C g 1g Water washout @ 80°C % D1264 3.5 Oil separation D1742 24 hours @ 25°C kPa 2 Oxidation stability D3336 Pressure drop @
100 hour kPa 15 Pressure drop @500 hour kPa 70 Lubrication life,
bearing N° 204 D336 10,000 rpm,163°C, hours 125 Rust prevention rating D1743 1 Timken OK load, kg D2509 23 4 Ball EP test D2596 Load wear index 40 Weld point, kg 290 4 Ball wear test, 40 kg, 1 hour D2266 1200 rpm @ 75°Cscar, m .034
Ball joint test D3428 Brine sensitivity Pass Torque stability Pass Base oil, cst @ 40°C D445 143 Base oil, cst @ 100°C D445 14The grease to use where others fail!

Extreme Pressure Anti-Seize Lubricant L90
Nulon Extreme Pressure Anti-Seize Lubricant is a complex bentone based lubricating paste containing a high percentage of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Nulon L90 provides extremely high film strength and adhesion, protecting against initial start-up damage of machinery even after long periods of lay-up. Nulon L90 provides long-term lubrication of components that are otherwise difficult or impossible to lubricate after initial assembly. Most chemicals, solvents and corrosive agents do not affect Nulon L90. L90 does not dry or harden with age and offers performance over a wide temperature range. L90 protects exposed components against rust during lay-up. L90 permits more even torque pressures and faster breakouts of threads, joints, flanges and gaskets.

Benefits:Minimises initial start-up damage Seals gasket surfaces without adhering Seals threads up to 8mm diameter Reduces possibility of seizing Reduces wear and friction Protects against corrosion Resists water wash out Offers a high degree of residual lubrication

Typical Applications: Applications for L90 are limited only by the user's imagination. The following are only indicative of the potential applications for L90.

Engine Assembly Camshafts and followers All bearing surfaces Shoulders of head studs Threads (particularly those to be torqued) Valve stems and seals Oil seals Gasket surfacesGeneral AutomotivePropeller shaft splin
Ignition points rubbing blocks Anti-squeal for brake pads Assembly of differentials Hinge pins Door locks Assembly of gearboxes Prime mover turntables MarineCables Winches Pump assemblies Steering stems and cables Propeller shafts Seals AgricultureExposed chains and gears Splines Slides Seals Pumps Assembly of all agricultural machinery IndustrySlides and guides Cables and pulleys Railway points Bushes and pins Hinges of all types Camshaft lobes Threads Splines Sewing machines Machine assembly
Assembly lubricant, particularly where subsequent lubrication is difficult

Extreme Performance Brake Fluid XBF $8.00

Nulon Extreme Performance Brake Fluid is a high-performance brake fluid (Super DOT 4) which optimises the benefits of superior boiling point and high vapour lock temperature throughout its service life.

Nulon Extreme Performance Brake Fluid is compatible with all metals and rubber seals typically used in automotive braking systems. It is intended for use both as initial fill and in aftercare markets. Nulon Extreme Performance Brake Fluid is manufactured as a clear amber coloured fluid. It is suitable for all disc, drum and anti-skid ABS braking systems used in average to high performance vehicles with high thermal load around the braking system.

Service Life:
Nulon XBF should be changed every 24 months under average driving conditions in order to maintain protection against vapour lock and corrosion.

Nulon XBF has no adverse effect on the physical properties of the rubber cups used in the master and wheel cylinders.

Equilibrium reflux boiling point (ERBP) is the average temperature of a fluid boiling under equilibrium conditions (reflux) at atmospheric conditions. High-performance brake fluids such as Nulon XBF must have a high enough boiling point (ERBP) to resist vapour lock under severe braking conditions. Note that the boiling point of the brake fluid will deteriorate significantly with moisture adsorption. With use, brake fluid absorbs water from the atmosphere and reduces the ERBP.

It is difficult to completely seal the braking system to prevent the ingress of atmospheric moisture or water splashes through hoses and the master cylinder. Brake fluids must withstand the absorption of at least 3% to 4% water without lowering the boiling point to a dangerous level. The presence of more free water significantly increases the chance of brake failure due to vapour lock and can promote corrosion of the brake system. This is why it is so critical to change the fluid every two years.

Nulon XBF is compatible with all other brake fluids that meet the DOT 3 and DOT 4 brake fluid specifications.

International and National Standards:
Nulon XBF exceeds the requirements of AS/NZS 1960.1 (Grade 3), SAEJ1704, FMVSS No.116 (DOT 4) and ISO 4925 standards.