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Castrol Oil Products





SLX Professional BMW
LL01 5W-30
Specially formulated and co-engineered to meet the requirements of European OEM’s for passenger car and light commercial petrol and diesel engines, including BMW’s Longlife Oil specification. (Not suitable for vehicles with diesel particulate filters)

SLX Professional BMW
LL04 Powerflow 5W-30
State-of-the-art technology co-engineered to provide Clean Performance Technology reducing harmful emissions and prolonging engine life. Suitable for the latest diesel engines fitted with diesel particulate filters including BMW’s LL04 specification.


Castrol 10W-60 TWS

Synthetic Engine Oil.

Specfically forumulated for BMW Motorsport engines.

This is the best oil you can use for your M Roadster/Coupe, M3, M5, or M6.


Full Synthetic recommended for the latest technology and prestige engines, including sports and luxury sedans

This is Castrol’s best , full synthetic, low viscosity technology. The exceptional characteristics of this free flowing oil reduces friction and delivers ultimate wear protection and optimum engine performance right from start-up.
Specifically designed to: reduce friction, delivering boost in engine power superior thermal stability, ensuring minimal engine deposits for cleaner internals ensure engine protection from the first moments of ignition, minimizing wear and damage exceed high performance standards set by premium car manufacturers including all FPV models, modern European and Japanese prestige vehicles use synthetic technology to deliver improved performance over conventional oils.
Approved for use by FPV and Audi.
Approved for VW: 502 00, 503 01, 505 00 MB: 229.3, BMW LL01

SAE 0W-40


Full Synthetic recommended fo highly tuned four cylinder engines and the latest technology

EDGE Sport 5W-30 provides superb strength and ultimate protection even when running hard, fast or hot.

It has been developed to provide enhanced fuel efficiency and good oil consumption control in modern petrol engines designed to operate on lower viscosity oils.
Specifically designed to:go the distance! This oil has been tested to last in scorching turbo temperatures provide outstanding protection fighting harmful deposits and other by products help keep catalyst working efficiently
use synthetic technology to deliver improved performance over conventional oils.
SAE 5W-30


Full Synthetic recommended for highly stressed competition engines and older technology sports cars and luxury sedans.
This is a product designed for those who appreciate an extra level of power and performance and is designed for both road and race applications.
Specifically designed to:deliver race proven power and performance for highly tuned, bad-to-the-bone competition engines provide strength in reserve when pushing the limits protect even when fast, hot or hard running
provide oil pressure control, reduced wear and extended engine life use synthetic technology to deliver improved performance over conventional oils.
Approved for FPV

SAE 10W-60


High Performance mineral based oil recommended for modified engines, including push-rod technology street machines and big bore competition engines.

It’s the famous oil that was originally formulated for speed work in competition engines and is the oil that’s used exclusively by world record holder and 6 time Top Doorslammer Champion Victor Bray and his legendary ’57 Chevy.
Purposely been bred to:performance advantages in certain engine components in very high performance applications. minimises oil consumption and boost oil pressure in big bore engines
provide race-winning protection, tough enough to handle a hard driving style assist in maintaining optimum oil pressure in large displacement high performance engines
comply with the Australian Motor Industry agreed phosphorous limits for prolonged catalyst and oxygen sensor life
SAE 25W-50


Protection from the moment you turn the key
Start driving from the word go A 10W-40 viscosity engine oil, Castrol Magnatec has been reformulated to deliver greater wear protection from the moment you turn the key.
Features 'Unique Molecular Attraction' that dramatically reduces engine wear at start-up and warm-up and leaves acontinuous film of oil on the engine parts after the engine is turned off.

Suitable for all types of passenger cars, including 4WD's and light commercials.Provide instant protection for your engine from the moment you turn the key.
Dramatically reduce engine wear at start-up, helping to extend the life of your engine.Improve engine cleaniness through excellent detergency chemistry.
Give excellent oil consumption control.Maintain performance and viscosity throughout the service period.
SAE 10W-40




Quality Engine Protection for Older Vehicles Typically pre-1984 models A mineral 20W-50 viscosity engine oil that provides quality engine protection for older vehicles. It is suitable for both unleaded and lead replacement petrol engines.

SAE 20W-50



Brake Fluids

Castrol Response Super Dot 4
Superior performance brake fluid recommended for use in all cars and light commercial vehicles that require either a DOT 3 or DOT 4 product and operate at higher temperatures or under increased loads. Suitable for both disc and drum brakes, including modern vehicles fitted with ABS systems.

Castrol Response Dot 4
High performance brake fluid recommended for use in all cars and light commercial vehicles that require either a DOT 3 or DOT 4 product and operate under everyday driving conditions. Suitable for both disc and drum brakes, including modern vehicles fitted with ABS systems.






Castrol Transmax® Z
Full synthetic Dexron® III type automatic transmission fluid with proven outstanding performance in high temperature and severe duty applications. Particularly suitable for competition use, towing or arduous high temperature service. May be used wherever Dexron® fluids are recommended.


Castrol Transmax® J

Castrol Transmax® J is a premium part synthetic automatic transmission fluid specifically designed for use in Japanese vehicles. Nissan and Subaru have approved this product for use in all of their vehicles with automatic transmissions, and especially those with slip lock up torque converters*. Castrol Transmax® J meets the requirements of the Japanese JASO 1A standard for automatic transmissions and is also approved by GM and Ford for use in all applications requiring a DEXRON®-III or MERCON® approved ATF. * Transmax® J is not recommended for use with CVT transmissions.

Castrol TQ Dexron® III
Automatic transmission fluid formulated to the Dexron® III specification. Provides enhanced friction durability, wear performance, oxidation resistance and cold temperature fluidity. May be used in all vehicles where Dexron® fluids are recommended.

Castrol TQF
Automatic transmission fluid formulated to satisfy the frictional characteristics, and wear resistance of the Ford M2C-33G specification to ensure transmission durability. The fluid has higher clutch pack friction than Dexron® type fluids. Also meets John Deere J-21A specification.

Castrol TQ 95
Automatic transmission fluid specifically developed for BTR Automotive, 4 speed, electronically controlled transmissions, as used in Ford Falcon and Fairlane cars. Will provide smoother, quieter and more consistent gear changes.

Castrol TQM-ST
Automatic transmission fluid developed for Mitsubishi, Hyundai and Proton vehicles to satisfy the friction requirements of their automatic transmissions, particularly those equipped with damper clutches.

Castrol Transmax M
Automatic transmission fluid formulated to satisfy the GM 6297M specification (1975), and suitable for older automatic transmissions requiring a GM type fluid.

Also approved for certain European models. Equivalant to DX11

(80w-140) New formulation

Product Description
Castrol SAF-XA is full synthetic SAE 80w-140 GL5 limited slip differential oil. It has been reformulated to supersede the previous Castrol SAF-XA SAE 75w-140 formulation. It has improved oxidation stability and high temperature deposit control while retaining excellent wear protection performance. The formulation now incorporates the preferred limited slip additive, Sturaco 7098, for Ford and Holden limited slip differentials at the maximum recommended treat.


Product Application

Castrol SAF-XA is primarily intended for use in rear axles of Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore high performance models. It contains the preferred limited slip additive and at the maximum concentration recommended by additive supplier.

The upgraded Castrol SAF-XA has been successfully used in V8 Supercar axles in place of previous Castrol SAF-XA SAE 75w-140 formulation and provided at least equivalent wear performance.

§ Both limited slip and non-limited slip hypoid axles
§ For vehicles towing caravans or heavy trailers
§ Covers rear axle viscosity range from SAE 80w to SAE 140

Product Features & Benefits

Product Feature Operational Advantage Customer Benefit Improved oxidation Longer oil service life Lower ownership stability costs

Product Feature Operational Advantage Customer Benefit

Improved deposit Cleaner axle internals Improved axle control at high durability in temperatures severe applications

Contains preferred Good LSD noise control Quiet LSD axle limited slip additive

Limited slip additive No additional additive Less cost, easier at maximum treat required when axle filled servicing in the field

Excellent wear Long component life Long equipment Control life

Proven components Good seal compatibility Cleaner components, used in formulation longer seal life to ensure seal compatibility

Shear stable Stable viscosity in Long term bearing formulation service bearing protection

Typical Characteristics

SAE Grade KV @ 40°C (cSt) KV @ 100°C (cSt) Brookfield @ -26°C
(cP) Viscosity Index Pour Point (°C) Closed
Flash Point (°C) API GL Rating
80W-140 260 29.25 60,000 150 < -40 > 200 5 (6 OBS)

The above data is typical and does not constitute a specification.

Castrol SAF-XA is recommended where these current or superseded specifications or performance levels are cited:


API: API GL-5, 6

SAE: 80W-90, 85W-90, 90, 80W-140, 85W-140 and 140

MIL: MIL-PRF-2105E, MIL-L-2105D

SAE: J2360

Spicer: 5M-48

Holden: HN2040, 1561

Ford: M2C-119A, M2C-104

CAUTION: Using Castrol SAF-XA in synchronised manual transmissions may result in loss of synchroniser performance. Contact Castrol for an alternative recommendation for such applications.

Castrol SAF-XA is NOT compatible with glycol based gear oils.

Castrol SAF-XA contains the maximum recommended treat of Sturaco 7098 for limited slip diff performance. No further Sturaco 7098 should be added.

Change Over Procedure
Drain and change from mineral gear oils to Castrol SAF-XA.

As Castrol SAF-XA is compatible with normal mineral gear oils, extensive flushing is not usually required. For optimum performance of Castrol SAF-XA, the following advice is offered. Where differential has been subjected to high operating temperatures the system should be flushed with clean gear oil. Either mineral (Castrol LSX 90, GO-J90 or LSX 85w-140) or preferably Castrol SAF-XA.

Draining the old oil while still warm, then refilling with fresh gear and then working the vehicle for at least one to two hours achieves the most effective flushing. Then drain and refill with Castrol SAF-XA making sure the differential is refilled to the correct level.

NOTE: Although Castrol SAF-XA is compatible with mineral oils, topping up with mineral oils will reduce some of the performance advantages and protection of Castrol SAF-XA.



Castrol SAF-XA
Full synthetic rear axle, SAE 75W/140, API GL6. Engineered to provide protection under extreme operating temperatures, it is our prime recommendation for rear axles used in competition, severe duty and long drain applications. Suitable for both limited and non-limited slip rear axles. Technical Data Sheet (doc, 215 KB)


Castrol Syntrax 75W-90
Full synthetic SAE 75W/90, API GL5. manual transmission, transaxle and rear axle lubricant with outstanding extreme pressure, synchroniser and high temperature performance. For vehicles that combine gearbox and hypoid diffs, rear axles of light cars and secondary drive axles of 4WD vehicles.


Castrol Syntrans 75W-85
For competition applications where superior synchroniser performance is required. Also recommended for passenger car and light commercial vehicle transmission, transaxles and transfer cases. SAE 75W-85, GL-4


Castrol VMX 80
Mild extreme pressure gear oil with special viscosity stabilisers to overcome shift problems. Recommended for use in transaxles of most front wheel drive vehicles with a transverse engine and manual transmissions experiencing low temperature shift problems. SAE 75W/80, API GL4.


Castrol VMX-M
Mineral transmission and transaxle fluid especially formulated as a factory fill fluid for Mitsubishi vehicles and used in passenger cars, 4WD's and light commercial vehicles. SAE 75W/85, API GL4.



Activ 4T
Continuous protection for motorcycles.

Trizone technology delivers complete performance protection for the engine, gears and clutch.

Modern, high quality engine oil specifically for 4-stroke engines.


CASTROL ACTIV 4T is a mineral-based 15W-50 engine oil suitable for all makes of four-stroke motorcycle engines, running on either leaded or unleaded fuel.
CASTROL ACTIV 4T contains active protection molecules that cling to the engine and transmission parts, leaving a protective film that is active in any condition, even when the engine is turned off. This provides enhanced protection against wear and tear during the crucial start-up and warm-up periods.
CASTROL ACTIV 4T provides good lubrication for all street and off- road four-stroke motorcycles. It is also well suited to a wide range of four-stroke petrol engines used in generators, lawnmowers, and light power equipment.CASTROL ACTIV 4T is not Castrol's prime recommendation for water-cooled four-stroke marine outboards. Castrol Super Outboard 4-Stroke oil is recommended for these applications.
CASTROL ACTIV 4T may be used for highly stressed engines, however, Castrol R4 Superbike is the prime recommendation for competition and applications.

CASTROL ACTIV 4T offers the following key benefits:
• Provides a protective film on engine parts in all conditions.
• Significantly reduces engine wear during start-up and warm-up.
• Improved engine cleanliness, promoting longer engine life.
• Controlled phosphorus content to help exhaust catalyst durability.
B1515/01 replaces B1429/00 (t-Castro17




Highly stable suspension oils formulated for use in motorcycle forks and shocks. Suitable for competition use. Available in four different grades.

Product Description

CASTROL FORK OILS are highly stable suspension oils, recommended for use in motorcycle forks and shocks for road, off road and competition use.

They are blended from highly refined base stocks and contain selected additives to provide protection against wear, corrosion and to minimise the effect of foam or air entrainment in the fork.

Product Benefits

• Prolongs seal life by resisting premature hardening and glazing, ensuring efficient fork operation.

• Stays in grade, maintaining consistent fork operation over a wide temperature range.

• Can be mixed with other CASTROL FORK OIL grades to obtain intermediate grades.
• Helps minimise rust and corrosion.

• Suppresses foam to ensure efficient damping operation.

Available in graduated Easy Squeeze 500 ml- packs to allow the correct amount of fluid to be added to the forks. These graduated packs are useful when mixing the fluids to attain intermediate viscosity fork oils.

Available in tour grades:


Fork Oil Servicing

Manufacturers normally recommend each fork be drained, flushed and refilled with fresh oil every 10,000 kms. More frequent changes may be necessary if operating consistently under dusty, wet or racing conditions.

Carefully follow the change procedure set out in the motorcycle service manual.Particular care should be taken to ensure that the measured quantity of oil, as stipulated, is replaced in each fork strut, as too little oil will give sloppy and noisy operation, while too much will give a harsh, stiff suspension.Intermixing Castrol Fork Oils

To obtain a Fork Oil of intermediate viscosity, mix the fluids in a dry, dust free container, using the graduated CASTROL FORK OIL packs to measure the quantity of fluid required. Stir thoroughly, then till each fork with the correct quantity of oil.

Market Application

CASTROL FORK OILS are recommended by Castrol for all motorcycle forks. Note that CASTROL FORK
OIL 5 is suitable for use in BMW front forks.

Castrol Kinematic Kinematic Viscosity Pour ISO
Fork Viscosity Viscosity Index Point Viscosity
Oil 100°C 40°C (min) °C Rating
5 3.74 15 150 -34 15
10 6.4 32 150 -34 32
15 8.2 46 150 -34 46
20 11.1 68 150 -36 68

Note: Forks with the same grading; e.g. 5, 10, etc., may be significantly different in viscosity. For example, CASTROL FORK OIL 5 is essentially the same viscosity as some products marketed as 2.5 grade oils.

To help reduce confusion, Castrol have also included ISO grading on our Fork Oils. The ISO grades relate directly to viscosity at 40°C. From the ISO grades, it can be seen that the ISO 32 (10)
grade is twice as viscous as the ISO 15 (5) grade. The ISO 46 (15) grade is 50% thicker again than the ISO 32 (10) grade and the ISO 68 (20) grade 50% thicker than the ISO 46 (15) grade.


Cooling System Products

Castrol Anit-Freeze Anti-Boil
A general purpose ethylene glycol based coolant with corrosion inhibitors to protect aluminium alloy, copper and cast iron engine components.

Castrol Anti-Freeze 350
An ethylene glycol based coolant specially formulated for Holden (eg. V6 Commodore) corrosion and water pump seal performance.




Castrol APXT
A blue coloured grease with enhanced tackiness for improved performance in operating conditions characterised by extremes of heat, vibration and dampness.


Castrol EPL range
Suitable for plain roller and ball bearings and chassis lubricantion.
EPL0 (NLGI 0) Grease filled gear boxes.
EPL1 (NGLI 1) Multipurose chassis lube.
EPL2 (NLGI 2) old lm grease Chassis lube and wheel bearings.

Castrol HTB
A virtually non-melting bentone based grease for front wheel bearings in disc brake passenger vehicles operating at very high temperatures.

Castrol LMM
A high melting point, heavy duty grease containing extreme pressure additives and molybdenum disulfide, suitable for automotive ball and constant velocity (CV) joints.




Castrol SBX 2 Grease is a smooth black lithium complex grease of a No. 2 consistency containing molybdenum disulphide and graphite solids. Castrol SBX 2 Grease is a unique blend of extreme pressure additives, solid lubricants and an effective corrosion inhibitor in a heavy viscosity synthetically modified base oil. Castrol SBX 2 Grease has a drop point (min) of 230oC and has a load carrying capacity exceeding 800kg under 4-Ball weld load tests.
Originally designed to meet SKF requirements for sugar mill roller bearing grease. The extreme load capability of Castrol SBX 2 Grease makes it ideal for bucket pins, plain bearings and other heavy duty applications in the mining, sugar milling and general industrial industry. The 5% molybdenum disulphide in Castrol SBX 2 Grease meets certain minimum requirements of OEM’s such as Caterpillar and Komatsu.
Product Feature Operational Advantage Customer Benefit
• Solid lubricants – molybdenum disulphide 5%.
• Helps maintain a separating film between gear tooth surfaces.
• Helps minimise gear tooth wear.
• Advanced EP additives. • Excellent load carrying ability. • Protection against extreme loading.
• Corrosion protection. • Metal surfaces will not corrode. • Extended life and performance of equipment.
• Water resistant. • Does not breakdown when washed.
• Reduces consumption of grease.
• Good pumpability at low temperatures.
• Adequate grease supply during cold periods.
• No equipment failure due to grease starvation.
Appearance Opaque black smooth texture Soap Type Lithium Complex
NLGI Classification 2 Worked Penetration at 25oC 265 - 295
Drop Point (min) oC 230
Load Carrying Properties
Timken OK Load
4 Ball Weld Load (typ)
45lb (20.4kg) > 800kg
4 Ball MWSD (40kg for 1 hour) mm (typ) 0.52
Base Oil Viscosity (cSt) 1000
The above data is typical and does not constitute a specification.
SBX2Grease_058123_200611 replaces B1212/97/4

Castrol GRRB
A rubber compatible castor oil-bentone based grease ideal for packing rubber dust covers of hydraulic and mechanical brakes. Also ideal for use on rubber seals during brake assembly.

Choosing the right grease

The correct choice of grease is a critical feature in cost effective lubrication. Here is a set of useful recommendations for common grease applications to guide your choice.

Ball Joints
It is preferable to grease more frequently rather than rely on so-called factoryfilled long or extended life greases. Use a No. 2 lithium or lithium complex grease
such a Castrol EPL2, APX T, LMM or SBX 2 Grease. All will permit extended service intervals should they be required.

Wheel Bearings
The wide use of disc brakes calls for greases with greater resistance to bleed, particularly in heavier vehicles and under racing conditions.

For such applications we recommend Castrol HTB Grease E (bentone based) or Castrol APX T Grease (Lithium complex) which can be used at working temperatures above 1750C.
For frequency of repacking wheel bearings, refer to the motor manufacturer's recommendations. Note that the style of driving, wheel balance and different road surfaces can have a significant effect on the life of the grease.Do not mix greases

Universal Joints
The design of these vary, as does the lubricant and method of application. We recommend Castrol EPL2 or APX T Grease (Lithium Complex) for best results.

Castrol EPL2 Grease is generally applicable to all types, EXCEPT those with rubber bushes and those which do not require lubrication.

Where shackles are subjected to severe vibration such as rough roads, use Castrol SBX2. Greases

Steering Boxes
Follow manufacturer recommendations. If the steering box is grease lubricated use Castrol EPL0 or SL Heavy Grease.

Starters, Generators and Distributors
Follow manufacturer recommendations as bearings are often packed for life with a specialty grease. If repacking is required we recommend Castrol EPL2 or APX T Grease.

Brakes and Clutch Hydraulic Mechanisms
These systems generally employ rubber washers and o-rings. As even small quantities of mineral oil on rubber can cause deterioration, do not use a conventional mineral oil based grease. If metal components periodically in contact with fluid require a lubricant, use only a grease specially designed for these components, such as Castrol GRR (B) Grease.

We recommend Castrol Marine Grease or Castrol AP3 Grease for boat trailer bearings.Owners must recognise that the entry of water into bearings causes rust and wear.We recommend cleaning and packing of bearings at least every 6 months.


High Impact Surfaces
The pivot pins used, for example on the bucket control arms of front end loaders are subject to high shock load conditions. To prevent excessive wear we recommend Castrol SBX2 or BMX2 Grease.

Constant Velocity Joints
Constant velocity joints are usually used on front wheel drive cars, some 4 wheel drives and rear wheel drive cars with independent rear suspension.

Our prime recommendation for constant velocity joints is Castrol SBX2, Castrol BMX2, Castrol LMM and Agri Bortax may also be used.

Virtually all manufacturers recommend grease containing solid lubricants Castrol SBX 2 offers the best combination of adhesiveness, base oil viscosity, melting point, extreme pressure and antiwear additives.

Note: When repacking bearings, completely remove all old grease and wash the bearings in solvent and air dry before applying a new grease.

NEVER mix grease of different types as they can react physically, lose their structure and not lubricate effectively.