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MM012 ....16 OZ $13.99

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• Marvel Mystery Oil® lubricates the entire fuel system-fuel pumps, fuel injectors or carburetors and the top portion of the cylinders.

These are areas, that by design, motor oil does not reach.

Using Marvel Mystery Oil in your fuel extends the life of these vital components by providing them with lubrication that fuel alone does not provide.


• Marvel reduces and prevents varnish and gum build-up, two key contributors to robbing engine performance.

When you shut off your engine, a miniscule drop of fuel is left at the tip of the fuel injectors or carburetor jets.

This miniscule drop off of fuel then solidifies into a varnish type residue.

Over time, the accumulated varnish blocks the openings of the injectors or jets, contributing to lower performance and fuel economy and shorter life of these components.


• Spark plug life is also extended by using Marvel in your fuel.

It creates a cleaner burning cylinder environment that reduces carbon build-up on spark plugs resulting in better firing plugs that increase performance and durability.


• In addition, Marvel Mystery Oil® improves fuel mileage by reducing internal friction in the engine.


• Marvel should be used in the fuel at every fill-up.

Use 4 ounces for every 10 gallons of fuel.

Added to Engine Oil

•Marvel should be added to your engine oil at every oil change.

In a traditional automobile engine with a 5 quart oil capacity, simply replace one of the engine oil quarts with a quart of Marvel.

For your convenience, MM13R is the quart size of Marvel Mystery Oil® and can be found at most automotive parts and supply retailers and mass merchants.

Marvel is also safe and effective to use with synthetic and synthetic-blend motor oils.

•When added to engine oil, Marvel reduces and prevents valve sticking and clatter by breaking down harmful deposits of carbon and sludge.

Oftentimes, valve sticking can be identified by a "ticking" sound coming from the engine compartment when the engine is running.

This ticking sound will increase and decrease with the speed of the engine.

•Marvel fortifies the properties of motor oil, both traditional and synthetic.

Marvel prevents oil breakdown caused by extreme temperatures.

In addition, Marvel promotes easier cold weather starting with its extremely low pour point of (-65) Fahrenheit and ability to eliminate oil's tendency to congeal at low temperatures.

•Sludge build-up in newer and older engines can result in lower performance and life expectancy.

Marvel will prevent sludge build-up from occurring in new engines and removes sludge from older engines.

In newer engines, Marvel protects against scoring or seizing and creates a highly polished, wear resistant finish on engine surfaces.

Your new engine will remain clean and your older engine will thank you for cleaning the insides.


For All Marine Engines

•Marvel Mystery Oil® provides the same tremendous benefits for all marine engines, inboard or outboard.

Use Marvel in the same amounts listed for automotive use in your marine engine.





Born in Chicago in 1923, Marvel Mystery Oil was developed to combat deposits on carburetors caused by poorly refined gasoline of the age.

Marvels popularity soared as word spread of its effectiveness in treating all types of engine ailments and was used extensively in WWII on everything from airplanes to battleships to tanks.

Today, Marvel Mystery Oil provides vehicle owners the ability to solve scores of automotive ailments with one product that can be added to both oil and fuel.








Mr. Dave Goulet of Quad City also recommends the use of Marvel Mystery Oil in the Rotax engines sold with the Challenger kits.


The Original Ampco
Top Cylinder Lubricator

Made in the USA


Glass 1 quart container


plus postage



Dry fuels can harm your engine!


If you use unleaded gas, ethanol, propane, CNG, or Low Sulfur Diesel,

your engine needs the original Ampco top cylinder lubricator!

The Ampco top cylinder lubricator

provides critical valve to seat lubrication, which is now absent from gasoline,

and prevents sticking valves and detonation caused by carbon and combustion deposits.


Compressed gas fuels contain NO LUBRICATING PROPERTIES!

They burn clean and may be “environmentally friendly”, but burn hot,

are corrosive, and can cause very premature valve failure.

The only way to introduce lubricity to a compressed gas fuel system is with the

Ampco top cylinder lubricator.


Sulfur functioned as a valve seat lubricant in diesel fuel.

Low and ultra-low sulfur fuels can cause valve recession problems in older diesel engines.


The Original Ampco Lubricator - what is it?
The Ampco top cylinder lubricator is an oil vapor delivery device, designed to supply a mist of oil vapor to your engine’s combustion chamber – the heat/friction/ wear zone. Manifold vacuum draws metered oil through a nozzle into the air/fuel mixture, which lubricates valve stems, guides, seats, rings, and cylinder bores – everywhere your crankcase oil cannot reach. As soon as your engine pulls a vacuum upon startup, it is getting the benefit of undiluted, atomized oil to the hottest parts of the engine.

Expect These Benefits!
•Increase in fuel economy by reducing friction
•Reduced valve-to-seat wear
•Eliminate sticking valves; quieter valve train
•Removal of carbon deposits which cause pre-ignition
•Increased compression and power
•Protection of valve stems, guides, seats, rings, and cylinder bores
•Increased efficiency and engine life!
Easy Installation!
The Ampco nozzle can be installed directly into the manifold, through PCV or vacuum hose using the universal T adaptor, or through a carb injector plate. Each Ampco kit includes all mounting hardware, tubing, universal nozzle, and instructions.